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Java Applets + Chrome = End of this Story

We already talked about this problem at the end of April, but there was the workaround with enabling NPAPI.

With the release of Google Chrome 45 (September 2015), this workaround is also obsolete. So it is no longer possible to start the Symbol Style Editor in Chrome 45 and it makes no difference which Java version you are using.

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Java Fix GMSC v.13 v.2

Our swiss colleagues informed us about a bug in the previous version of the JavaFix. It is about the problem, that if you rotate the map extent in the printing dialog the result wasn’t correct.

The download link didn’t change at all. So either you will get it from the previous blog post or you click on the following link:

Link for the Java Fix v.2!


Java Fix GMSC v.13

If you update your Java Version to 7 Update 51 – which was released in CW 3 – the zip file -you’ll find a link to this at the end of this blog post- allows you to work with the PrintLayout Editor and the Style Editor in the GMSC Administrator. It also fixes the problem that the Client won’t start anymore with the newest Java Update.

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