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UI refreshments in GMSC 2015

This year the complete Smart Client is presented in a flat themed layout. Last year it was able, with the change of the workflow.config to change the layout of your Workflows respectively of the Administrator. This year though also the Smart Client itself is designed in the flat theme.

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Custom theming and styling in workflows

New feature in GeoMedia Smart Client 2014

Creating and using a custom theme for your workflows is one of the new features in GeoMedia Smart Client 2014. Never before has it been so easy to customize the look and feel of your forms. Design the way you want, adapt the style based on your corporate presentation in few steps. It’s up to you, based on your needs you can change only some basic colors or the whole layout. We build the theme-structure as simple as possible to provide you the option to reach your customization goals very fast. Due to the clever architecture and process-order of our theme engine it´s very comfortable to focus on the changes you need instead of creating a whole custom theme from scratch.

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