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Java Applets + Chrome = End of this Story

We already talked about this problem at the end of April, but there was the workaround with enabling NPAPI.

With the release of Google Chrome 45 (September 2015), this workaround is also obsolete. So it is no longer possible to start the Symbol Style Editor in Chrome 45 and it makes no difference which Java version you are using.


Java 8u60

Oracle has planned to release the update 60 of Java 8 within August and it will be the next big update.

But there will be a bug in this release, which also may affect you as a GeoMedia Smart Client user. There are two prerequisites to be one of the unlucky ones:

  • You must have a DatePicker in your workflow, which is used within GeoMedia Smart Client.
  • You must live in a TimeZone, where there is a definition of a Daylight Saving Time.

For more information you can have a look at the bug tracker of Java.

As you can also see at the entry, this bug will be fixed in Java 8u66. The release of this version is planned in October.

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Workflow Editor fix for newest Java versions

If you update your Java version to one of the newest versions (7u71 or 7u72 respectively 8u25) your Workflow Editor won’t start anymore.

To solve this problem you can download a new version of the Workflow Editor (GMSC 2015) here.

Just extract the contained jar.pack.gz to INSTALLDIR\Program\Workflows\Content\WorkflowEditor\jars.

Please note: You have to delete your Java cache first.


Google Street View in Smart Client

In this post I would like to show you how you can open Google Street View on a second screen in Smart Client. Here is the corresponding video, which explains you how to do it.

Once the Google Street View is open, both components are synchronized so that the current position is reflected correctly in each view. In case that you want to reproduce the sample, please make sure that you have an appropriate Google Maps API Key.

What is needed to get it done:

  • Web Site to show Google Street View
  • Smart Client Action defining the url to open the web site
  • Java Extension to handle the communication between the components

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“JAR resources in JNLP file are not signed by same certificate” after GMSC update/upgrade

Because there are some support requests concerning this problem, we thought maybe a blog entry will help to limit these.

If you are upgrading GeoMedia Smart Client and getting the following error message at the start of the client:

JAR resources in JNLP file are not signed by same certificate

please download the language files again.

So go to the Language Administrator for GMSC and download the language files again.