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UI refreshments in GMSC 2015

This year the complete Smart Client is presented in a flat themed layout. Last year it was able, with the change of the workflow.config to change the layout of your Workflows respectively of the Administrator. This year though also the Smart Client itself is designed in the flat theme.

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Release of GeoMedia Smart Client 2015

November/December. Dawn of the winter. Christmas markets are opening up. Everywhere it smells of mulled wine and christmas. Temperatures, which are more comfortable than the heat in the summer. The last two months in the year are absolutely fabulous aren’t they?

These months also means that is time for a brand new GeoMedia Smart Client. Apart from the number of year behind the software, this time there are many many new features to discover in Smart Client. Details about some of them will be described in the following few blog entries, which appears in the next few weeks.

If you are looking for since GMSC 2015 (sinceGMSC2015) in our online help you will get an overview what is new in GMSC 2015.

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Workflow Editor fix for newest Java versions

If you update your Java version to one of the newest versions (7u71 or 7u72 respectively 8u25) your Workflow Editor won’t start anymore.

To solve this problem you can download a new version of the Workflow Editor (GMSC 2015) here.

Just extract the contained jar.pack.gz to INSTALLDIR\Program\Workflows\Content\WorkflowEditor\jars.

Please note: You have to delete your Java cache first.