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Java Applets + Chrome = End of this Story

We already talked about this problem at the end of April, but there was the workaround with enabling NPAPI.

With the release of Google Chrome 45 (September 2015), this workaround is also obsolete. So it is no longer possible to start the Symbol Style Editor in Chrome 45 and it makes no difference which Java version you are using.

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UI refreshments in GMSC 2015

This year the complete Smart Client is presented in a flat themed layout. Last year it was able, with the change of the workflow.config to change the layout of your Workflows respectively of the Administrator. This year though also the Smart Client itself is designed in the flat theme.

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WMS/WFS in GeoMedia Access Library

From time to time we are getting requests, that WMS/WFS doesn’t work properly in GeoMedia Smart Client. Mostly there is a easy way to solve this problem, because you have to use the attribute LayerTitle instead of LayerName.

If it isn’t still working we present you a workaround in this blog entry. This workaround describes how to display your WFS/WMS via GeoMedia Access Libraries.


  • GeoMedia Smart Client 14 + Service Pack 1
  • GeoMedia Desktop

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