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Customizing Lists in Workflows

This time I would like to show you how you can use JavaScript and custom styles to customize the default list behavior.

The default way to show data from a database table is that one column in the database is represented by one column in the list. In many cases this is just what is required however sometimes multiple database table columns should be displayed as a single column so that we need to customize the default behavior.

Components needed to customize the list:

  • Custom JavaScript
  • Custom Style
  • Form to include the JavaScript and the Style


In this sample a list will be shown that combines the first and last name and displays an image instead representing the corresponding number value from the table content. The result looks like this:


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Google Street View in Smart Client

In this post I would like to show you how you can open Google Street View on a second screen in Smart Client. Here is the corresponding video, which explains you how to do it.

Once the Google Street View is open, both components are synchronized so that the current position is reflected correctly in each view. In case that you want to reproduce the sample, please make sure that you have an appropriate Google Maps API Key.

What is needed to get it done:

  • Web Site to show Google Street View
  • Smart Client Action defining the url to open the web site
  • Java Extension to handle the communication between the components

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Localize GMSC

If you are registered as language administrator please generate the language package for your language again. As the security settings in Java have changed, the language packages have to be generated again in order to fulfill the security requirements. 

So if you are responsible for a language pack please logon and generate the language package again.

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Handle Files in GMSC Workflows

Updating GMSC using the collection of engineering patches enables GMSC Workflows to fully support up- and download of files.

Depending on your workflow or data model there are different ways how to handle files with GMSC:

  • One file per item is uploaded and the path to the file is stored in a column of the item
  • One file per item is uploaded and is stored as binary in a column of the item
  • Multiple files per item may be uploaded and the paths to each file are stored in a separate table
  • Multiple files per item may be uploaded and the binaries of each file are stored in a separate table

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Handle Oracle sequences for offline editing

If you are using an Oracle sequences to get your ids there is no way to select this sequence in offline mode.
Implementing an IGeometryChangeHandler can fix this problem. In general this handler will be executed every time you modify (insert/update/delete) a geometry in GeoMedia Smart Client. OnGeometryChanged will be invoked after modifying the entries and OnGeometryChanging will be invoked before modifying the entries.
In the current case the handler takes care of assigning the correct id value for all entries that are stored in an Oracle database before inserting the actual values.

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