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A penny saved is a penny earned

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Besides the major changes in GeoMedia Smart Client, there also of course some minor improvements, which should be and has to be considered:

  • Application gets scaled:When the user switches between different scales in Windows (small [100%] – medium [125%] – large [150%]). Thus the usability on a tablet is much more comfortable in this release.
    100% 150%
    overview overview_150
  • Moveable dialogs and close buttons:In GMSC 2015 all dialogs are moveable and got an extra close button to enhance the usability and the comfort.
    No moveable dialogs (GMSC 14) Moveable dialogs (GMSC 15)
    no_moveable_dialog14 moveable_dialog15
  • Enhanced legend:The colors and the emphasis of the font (for example italic) are changed and enhanced to get a better visualization within the legend.
    Legend in GMSC 14 Legend in GMSC 15
    legend_14 legend_15
  • Navigation control:The most obvious change in the map view is the new navigation control. Cleared up to offer more clarity.
    Navigation control in GMSC 14 Navigation control in GMSC 15
    navigation navtools
  • Panning of map during edit:With the right mouse button it is possible in GMSC 2015 to pan within the map during the edit of geometries for example.
  • Printing:UI elements are reordered to get a better handling within the workflow of Printing. For example you have to select firstly your printer than you are able to change the layout.
    Printing in GMSC 14 Printing in GMSC 15
    printsettings print_preview
  • Copy log file to clipboard

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