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New symbolizers in GMSC 2015

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Altogether there are three new symbolizer in GeoMedia Smart Client 2015.

  • Chart Symbolizer (Bar-/Piechart)
  • Cluster Point Symbolizer
  • HeatMap Symbolizer

Chart Symbolizer

This symbolizer allows you to visualize statistical data with help of charts. You can choose between two different possible charts. Bar- respectively PieCharts. The first one is mainly used if you want to describe for example differences between two different points in time. You have also the possibility to show the number. The second one is mainly used if you only have one dataseries and you want to show the percentage within the data.

barcharts piecharts_legend

Detailed How To’s to every single Chart symbolizer can be found here (BarChart) respectively here (PieChart)

Cluster Point Symbolizer

Imagine you have a point feature visible and at a specific scale range the points are “collapsing” within the map and you aren’t able to differ between them. You find remedy with the ClusterPoint symbolizer. With the help of this symbolizer you can visualize the number of point feature, which are within a defined gap. If you defined the cluster point correctly you can also show a exploded symbolizer, where every single point feature within the “collected” one is shown. The following two screenshots are showing on the right side the cluster point symbolizer and on the left side, the exploded version of the same symbolizer.

GeoMedia Smart Client - PointClustering GeoMedia Smart Client - Exploded Cluster

A detailed How To can be found here


The last new symbolizer, which is new in GMSC 2015 is the HeatMap symbolizer. This specific visualization allows you to show the distribution of features within the map. The more are within a specific range, the “hotter” the feature gets.
GeoMedia Smart Client - HeatMap

A detailed How To can be found A detailed How To can be found here

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