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Network trace based on GeoMedia Public Works AFM

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The content and idea of this blog entry come from Yohann Ly from Intergraph France.

If you click on the PDF thumbnail, you can download the presentation of Johann as an *.pdf.

The idea behind is that based on an AFM database and a traces definition parameter file you can create two custom .NET webservices. This two webservices are working as a Java Plugin in the GeoMedia Smart Client.


  1. Selection of a feature
  2. Display result in treeview
  3. Selection of tree node as a highlight in the map

If you select the root of the tree, every contained feature of this tree gets highlighted. Or you can just select one element in this tree and this only one gets highlighted. You can also use the standard GMSC funcionality to display the attributes of the features.

You will find detailed information in the PDF file, which you can download at the beginning of this blog entry.

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