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Last blog entry in WordPress

This is it. The last drumbeat. The end of the journey. A journey which lasted for 2 1/2 years. This is the last blog entry of the GeoMedia Smart Client team in WordPress. But don’t be sad, we are not going too far away. The only change for you is a new URL in the webbrowser.

There you will find every bit of information you will need. The community will also contains a blog.

These lines are for you. We want to thank you for following us via WordPress subscription or via email subscription. We also want to thank for commenting on our topics and at least for reading them. At last we want to share some insights statistics with you:


That’s all folks.

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Java Applets + Chrome = End of this Story

We already talked about this problem at the end of April, but there was the workaround with enabling NPAPI.

With the release of Google Chrome 45 (September 2015), this workaround is also obsolete. So it is no longer possible to start the Symbol Style Editor in Chrome 45 and it makes no difference which Java version you are using.


Java 8u60

Oracle has planned to release the update 60 of Java 8 within August and it will be the next big update.

But there will be a bug in this release, which also may affect you as a GeoMedia Smart Client user. There are two prerequisites to be one of the unlucky ones:

  • You must have a DatePicker in your workflow, which is used within GeoMedia Smart Client.
  • You must live in a TimeZone, where there is a definition of a Daylight Saving Time.

For more information you can have a look at the bug tracker of Java.

As you can also see at the entry, this bug will be fixed in Java 8u66. The release of this version is planned in October.

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Painted Relief in the Las Vegas demo project

Since these days a painted relief for Clark County is available in the Las Vegas demo project. The initial DEM (digital elevation model) came from Kepner, W. G., T.D. Sajwaj, D. F. Bradford, and E. J. Evanson. 2005. Nevada Geospatial Data Browser. EPA/600/C-05/005. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Research and Development, Las Vegas, NV.

This one is available to the scale range 1:150.000 and the only adjustment what was done in the Style Editor of GMSC is the definition of the transparaent color (in this case black). Furthermore you will find the raster in the theme named Hillshade in the legend of GMSC. The relief is also visible in the Overview window at every start of the project.